Number of string-bound books I wrote in the spring of 1985:  10

Number of string-bound books I wrote in the spring of 1985: 10


I wrote my first story (at least the first one my parents saved) when I was six years old. It involved a girl and her horse, a fairy, a rainbow, an ancient castle, and a lot of creative spelling.

I've lived on four continents. My husband and I have worked as teachers in Asia, South America, Europe and the United States. I ran a half-marathon on the Great Wall of China, hiked through the Amazon rainforest on the border of Brazil and Bolivia, and rode my three-speed bike up a pretty steep mountain in Germany.

Now I live in Michigan, where I grew up. Iā€™m not too far from Lake Michigan, and I go there whenever I need inspiration. I still dream about Vermont, where I lived for six years.

In seventh grade I saved all my babysitting money for a horse. I never got to buy one, but my parents let me lease an Arabian mare at a local barn for one year and I loved it. I still ride whenever I can and dream of building a barn so I can have my own horse someday!

I love to run. It's cheap and easy and I can lace my shoes up anywhere, or run barefoot if I have to!

I've studied three languages besides English. Unfortunately, I've forgotten most of my Spanish and Chinese, but I still speak German. Guten Tag!

I live with my husband and two awesome kids. If you see us together, we're probably reading, laughing, running around outside, or playing on the water.

I have three cats and an enormous German Shepherd. Plus a blue-and-purple betta fish.

A few of my favorite things: Besides books? Lakes, forests, just-picked strawberries, and snowstorms.